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As of 02/11/2005 will no longer allow an open submission format that accepts submissions from the general webmaster community. We were forced to take this situation due to a number of people who cannot read & follow our rules. So you now must be an authorized submitter.
The rules governing site requirements & acceptance standards were revised on 02/27/2005.
If your site is not 100% compliant it will not be accepted to this directory.
It is the submitters job, not the reviewers to ensure that your site is compliant.
If you are a serious webmaster you will ensure that your site is compliant prior to submitting.
Repeated non-compliance will jeopardize your privilege of submitting here.
1. You must place a reciprocal link back to us on your warning page. This link must use either one of our buttons or text links (text link preferred) and be located in a prominent position that is easily accessible and clearly visible by surfers. This reciprocal link must be positioned ABOVE your "ENTER LINK" on the page that your submitted URL points to. The reciprocal link used MUST reflect the category selected for your submitted site. Reciprocal link tables need to contain a minimum of 6 links, but is restricted to a maximum of 16 links. You will find our reciprocal links by CLICKING HERE.
2. Submitted sites must use a valid domain name. DO NOT submit a site using an IP number in the address field of the submission form. This will not be accepted. Example: If your domain has not yet propagated, please wait until the DNS servers resolve prior to submitting any site.
3. Sites will not be accepted from webmasters using any free web-based email service, such as: Hotmail, Yahoo, Lycos, etc. Please provide us with the email address serviced by your ISP or use an email account that has been set up under your paid hosting account.
4. The site name used on the submission form must be the actual name of the site, which is used in the Title tag, and must appear on the site. Follow the standard English grammatical rules and only use capital letters for the first letter of each word in the title. Only use punctuation pertinent to the title, such as a single exclamation point (!) or question mark (?). The extraneous use of these characters as an attempt to gain attention to your title shall be grounds for rejection.
5. Follow standard English grammatical rules for your description. DO NOT capitalize the first letter of every word in the description. What I want is the 1st letter of the 1st word of each sentence in upper case, with the rest in lower case.Use keyword rich sentences that are contextually relevant and applicable to the site. A string of non-sensical keywords/phrases will be grounds for rejection.
6. Pictures that open on html pages are allowed, but they must open in the same browser window. You are only permitted to have either 1 banner and 1 text link or 2 text links on that html page. Remember, text rules when selling your sponsors.
7. Absolutely NO sites promoting or linking to (open, hidden, or otherwise) anything that is illegal or considered to be an obscenity according to the laws of the U.S.A. This includes, but is not limited to such things as child pornography, bestiality, necromancy, scat, rape, incest, etc. The webmasters who submit sites of this nature will be reported to the proper authorities and agencies. Including, but not limited to local law enforcement, the FBI, and ASACP.
8. No site shall be permitted to use such words as Lolita's, underage, pre-teens, kiddie porn, child porn, warez, or any word or phrase alluding to any illegal or obscene activity according to laws of the U.S., within the sites elements including, but not limited to text, banners, graphics, alt tags, meta tags, site title, site's description, or links.
9. NO Auto Submitters... If you can't be bothered coming to our submission page to submit your site, we cant be bothered reviewing it.
10. If you have a free site to submit, your site must have a minimum number of 20 pics combined across 2 galleries. A maximum of 30 pics combined on either 2 or 3 galleries.
11. If you have a movie site to submit, it must have a minimum of 120 seconds worth of movies in two galleries the movies must be at least 10 seconds in length.
12. There will be a maximum of either 3 banners, text links, or a combination of both to your sponsors per page.
13. No blind or misleading links. The use of mouseovers are allowed, but the browser status window must display the destination domain.
14. We will not accept sites that employ the use of auto-downloads, pop-up consoles, blurs, or those that open another window, resizing the browser window, changing the browsers home page, hijacking the browser, or any tactic that could be considered to be an annoyance to the surfer.
15. Pay & AVS sites are more than welcome. However we ask that you meet the following two requirements:
15-1) Place one of our buttons or text links (text link preferred) within the unprotected area of your site. This must be readily viewable & accessible to a surfer.
15-2) Provide us with a temporary user name and password so that we may review the site. If you omit this, your site will be rejected.
16. FPA's (Full Page Ads) will only be accepted after the site content. FPA's are allowed between your site and the sponsor or as an exit console that is set to pop when a surfer navigates away from your site without using a link on your website. If you employ an exit console, only one window is allowed!
17. Full-sized pictures that are smaller then 500 pixels in length on the long side of the image will not be accepted, Screen caps on movie sites may be a bit smaller, but must be clear & sharp. You must either own or have a license to use the pictures displayed on your site & be able to provide proof if required. If it looks like the pics were scanned out of a magazine it will not be accepted. We are looking for high quality images to offer to our surfers.
18. Choose your category wisely. I will reject any site with galleries that do not match the chosen category. Example: Selecting Legal Teen Girls when in fact you are submitting 35 year old cheerleaders. If a category isn't chosen is grounds for rejection.
WHAT THIS MEANS IS:  If You submit Amateur, Asian, Anal Fetish, Teens. etc, etc, etc. You'd better have our link that matches the category that you submitted your site as. I WILL REJECT ANY SITES THAT DO NOT USE THE CORRECT PRE-MADE TEXT LINKS, NO IF'S, AND'S, OR BUTT'S.
19. Be a responsible webmaster and make sure that everything is working correctly & complies with these rules prior to submitting your site. I do not want to see a dead site or a site with broken images, links to dead sites etc, etc, etc...(Newbies have a friend using a different computer check your site out for you.)
20. Webmasters that run a resource site feel free to add one of my text links, banners, buttons on your submit page or at your "Thank You Page".
21. Please DO NOT Change the site after it has been submitted and listed. If you must change it or are changing host/servers please email us so we can make a note of it so our link bot doesn't delete your site out of our database.
22. Please only submit sites that are based on the English language. No sites that are based on a foreign language shall be accepted.
23. If you use my pre-made text links (WHICH I PREFER THAT YOU DO). I would like it if you DO NOT change the size, shape, text colors, font size/colors & border colors, in any way shape or form. This is part of our branding & we want consistency. If you cannot take the time to do a simple cut and paste of the code that best fits the category of the site that you are submitting, I can not accept your site.
24. We do not have a limit on the number of sites that you may submit per day. Just ensure that each submission is a different site containing different content from the others you are submitting.. NO DUPLICATE SITES!
25. There must be a statement on the warning page of your site stating that the site is compliant to the U.S.C. 18 Title 2257 and or with a optional link to a page that provides the custodian of records information for the site.
26. Please no more sites that have a right or left scroll at the bottom of the browser. Make your tables fit into the screen.
27. No sites with 3rd party counters will be listed. Get some stats on your server. My reason of this is I am getting a shit load of spyware, from these counters, (According to my spyware washer & remover programs) and I just don't want to deal with adware and spyware. And besides those 3rd party counters are a traffic leak.



(We are not going to be charging you for the privilege to submit as of yet, but that shall be a future consideration. Your sites must still be compliant to all of the rules.)
What we are requiring from you is three (3) samples of your web site design work - preferably the most recent work. If you are approved, we will email you a user name and password that you must supply each time you access the submit page.
If you share your password with anyone that is not in your crew you will be permanently banned from submitting to Pump-Room.
Please E-MAIL US "" with the links to your three(3) web site samples and your desired user name. We shall assign you with a password.

You will find our reciprocal links by CLICKING HERE.
If you already have an account CLICK HERE & SUBMIT your sites.

Webmasters please note:
I reserve the right to decline any site at any time I feel. If your site was rejected please email me "" or ask me on the Greenguy message board.